Barbara Lindahl-Christensen

As a child I loved food, and loved picking food out of the garden or hiding behind the grape vines behind our house. My mom went back to work when I was fifth grade and we started to eat food out of boxes. By the time I was eleven I had my first serious allergic reaction to sunflower, followed by corn, then the peanuts and tree nuts, and several others. I also started to suffer from other issues in my body. When I was 38, after having my first child after a long, long wait, I started to realize that if I looked back on my life, food was key. I left non-organic and non-gmo behind as much as possible, and I am so thrilled that this company has come into my life to share this passion with you!

That is why I was thrilled to join this mission to change lives through good food. You can be a part of the driving force to help people get healthier by bringing Good Food. Real Fast to every table while providing life-changing business opportunities for entrepreneurs.Using a proven lifestyle system, easily prepping your weeknight meals, customizing recipes to work for you, meal prep & prep tips.. This is for everyone.